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Sun, Sand and Sex… Tips for having an amazing Lifestyle vacation

Sun, Sand and Sex Tips for having an amazing Lifestyle vacation

So youve decided to take the leap and take your first Lifestyle vacation Awesome!! Lifestyle trips can be one of the most fun, exciting, and sexy trips you'll ever take. But before you begin packing and counting down the days, Id like to share a few tips that can enhance your vacation and help you avoid some of the pitfalls that come along with it. As someone who has traveled to Hedonism II and III (I miss that place) over 20 times combined, and attended many Lifestyle weekend takeover events, I think I'm qualified to share a few suggestions.

First- as a couple, communicate your expectations. What do you want to happen on this trip? What do you NOT want to happen? What are some of your fantasies? Is this just going to be a fun, flirty trip where you reconnect as a couple in a sexy environment? Do you want to live out a threesome, a foursome, or a group scenario? Will this be a vacation only experience, or will you continue these adventures when you return home? Will you continue to communicate with the people you meet? Are you comfortable with being naked and seeing others nude as well? Talking about all of these things ahead of time, and more than once, will help to make sure you're on the same page when you arrive at the resort. It will also help you avoid potential disagreements, which nobody wants while on vacation- especially during the heat of the moment.

Next, make friends in advance! It may seem a bit counter-intuitive to make friends before going on vacation, but trust me, you'll be glad that you did. So, how do you do this Travel with a group! There are tons of Lifestyle groups that plan sexy vacations all year long (including the one sponsored by My Wild Lifestyle- Mocha Fest, May 26-31, 2016). Joining one of these groups and communicating with people traveling at the same time is a great way to have a built-in group of friends when you arrive. Let me tell you, it is an awesome feeling when you meet in person for the first time- hearing people call out your name when you arrive on property is really cool. While it is relatively easy to meet people when you arrive at the resort, having a few people you already know makes things a little easier. Besides, by communicating in advance, you can exchange pictures and even do a little sexy talk if you like- which makes things a little easier should you decide to have a little fun with them, as you've already broken the ice.

Whether or not you meet people in advance, another key to having an awesome vacation is to BE FRIENDLY. This is not the time to be standoffish, so approach people, strike up conversations, introduce yourself, ask what they are drinking, where they are from, pretty much any ice-breaker will work. Avoid topics that may be sensitive or too deep for vacation- so no talk of religion, politics, or race. You may even want to avoid talking too much about work or kids- this is sexy fun time, so keep it light! Make sure you read body language, so if you are starting to feel like the person or couple is starting to become disengaged or there's not interest there, then move along nicely. The reverse applies as well- if someone you'd rather not speak to at length approaches you, be nice and friendly, but you can also wrap it up nicely with something like, I think I'm going to get another drink , or I see my friends over there, it has been great talking to you. Just being nice will definitely will ensure that you make many new friends. 

I understand that sometimes finding the right balance between being too shy and coming across as overly pushy or eager can be tough, but as the days go by, you'll find your stride.Respect is really important, especially on a trip such as this. So pay attention and respect others personal space and boundaries. Word spreads quickly on a resort, and you don't want to get a reputation of being that creepy/pushy couple. 

I want to say a word about drinking and drugs. Many of these vacations are held at all-inclusive resorts, which means free drinks, yay! Before you get too excited, please, please do NOT over-indulge. You do not want to lose a day or more of vacation time because you are sick or hungover. While a couple of drinks can loosen inhibitions and can make you feel sexy and flirty, too many drinks (or other party favors) can make you sloppy, belligerent, too wild (and not in a good way), or less likely to be safe. Additionally, sometimes when too many drinks or drugs are consumed, guys can have a little trouble when playtime arises, so keep that in mind too! Basically, no one wants to have to contend with a sick, sloppy, or angry drunk, and you want to remember all of your fun moments the next day. So, drink responsibly and know your limits!

Oh, and just because it bears a quick mention- dont forget to eat!! Sometimes, you'll be so busy having a blast that it will be well into the afternoon before you realize you haven't eaten anything! You'll need to make sure you try to eat enough- not only will you need your calories to sustain you, but food can help soak up some of the drinks and help prevent hangovers. 

Participation is highly encouraged. No, I don't mean that you need to (or should) participate in any and everything that is offered to you, but definitely get into the spirit of the trip. Most Lifestyle vacations will have various theme days and nights where you can dress in costume. Make sure you get into the spirit and participate! Yes, you may feel a little silly, but I promise, there will be more people participating than not, and some people really go all out. You'll feel much more awkward if you do not join in, than if you do. So, feel free to go wild- this is your opportunity to show your personality and your sense of style. Yes, women, pack your sexiest outfits, because you will really be the stars here. Men- you don't have to go ALL out, but at least wear a little something to match your lady and show that you're having fun with it too. I love these types of vacations because I can wear my sexiest clothes, and I can dress up- it is like Halloween all over again!

About pictures-I love taking pictures, and I know that we all want to document our amazing vacations. But if you are taking photos, make sure that you either avoid getting people into the background, or for group pictures, ask if it is okay with everyone. Additionally, with the advent of social media, some people don't want their images posted on Facebook, Instagram, or the like, so make sure to speak up (or get out of the picture) if you have concerns about pictures being posted. I generally try to ask everyone if it is okay, and I don't tag people, instead I let them tag themselves. Just be mindful!

If you are going on a tropical vacation, know that the sun is STRONG. Make sure you bring- and wear- sunscreen. Yes, I know sometimes people feel as though they don't need sunscreen because of their complexion, but trust me! You can and will burn without it, so better safe than sorry. Reapply throughout the day, and don't forget to apply it to those naughty bits too! One year, I forgot to apply sunscreen in between my breasts, and I burned right there- it looked like I'd been titty fucked all week! Well, maybe that was kinda sexy after all! Ha!

Don't forget to pack the essentials. There are usually gift shops that sell everything you need, but it is better to have and not need than need and not have!? Don't forget condoms, lube, and any toys you like. Also, make sure to pack any prescription and non prescription meds (ibuprofen, allergy pills, and stomach remedies can be lifesavers). I also like to bring vitamins and Echinacea, just because you'll sometimes be in close quarters with a variety of people. Make sure to pack a few regular clothes too, because you'll want to be comfortable on your trip home (I forgot one year, and got quite a few looks in the airport!). Those clothes will also come in handy if you take any excursions off the property. 'Swimwear, shoes, outfits for theme nights, things to wear during the day (remember, you have to be clothed in dining areas)- I think I pack more for my Lifestyle vacations than I do for normal trips, but you never know what might happen!

Despite my tip about communication, keep your expectations reasonable. I would try not to have a lot of expectations on this type of trip. If you have a checklist of things or people you want to do, so to speak, you'll find yourself focusing too much on them and not enough time enjoying your vacation. You also run the risk of being disappointed if your fantasies don't pan out if you have a plan of action. So, let the only expectation to be to have a good time. Whether you swing or not, just the overall energy and ambiance on a Lifestyle trip is enough to have an amazing vacation and really come back re-energized in a number of ways. So, try not to pressure yourself or your partner while you are there. Meet people, reconnect with your significant other, enjoy drinks, sun, sand, pool, and a few days free of obligations and responsibilities. Dress up, be friendly, play with others, treat people with respect and kindness. And most of all, HAVE FUN!


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